The Straw Line

01. Fenton Warren Straw b. Feb 15, 1886-Hereford, Compton, Quebec d. abt 1921
6       Married to:
01. Clara Charlotte Dexter b. 22 Mar 1887-North Stratford,,NH d. Jan 1980-Franklin, Norfolk, MA

02. Oscar Warren William Straw b. 1856-Quebec d. 1922-Hereford, Quebec, Canada
      Married to:
02. Lydia Ortentia Thomas Bolton b. 15 Oct 1843-Compton, Quebec, Canada d. 21Apr 1901-Landaff, Grafton, NH

03. Oscar Bliss Straw b. 1834-Stanstead, Quebec, Canada d. 14 Dec 1864-Stanstead, Quebec, Canada
      Married 24 Mar 1854 to:
03. Aurilla Estella Munn Howe b. 1832

04. Charles "Chase" Straw b. 23 Oct 1809-Compton, Quebec, Canada d. Aft 1881
      Married Jan 1834 to:
04. Betsey Drew b. 19 Nov 1816-Barston, Quebec, Canada d. Bef 1881

05. Lawrence Straw b. abt 1779 d. 31 Aug 1853-Warner, , NH
      Married abt. 1768 to:
05. Judith Clough b. 1785-Gilmanton, Belknapp, NH d. 20 Sep 1843

06. Ezra Straw b. 14 Sep 1740-Amesbury, , MA d. 1826-Barnstead, , NH
      Married 1778 to:
06. Miriam Dudley

07. Lawrence Straw b. 31 May 1699-Amesbury, , MA d. 1762-South Hampton, Kingston, NH
      Married 5 Jun 1725-Amesbury, , MA to:
07. Abigail Jewell b. 7 Nov 1702-Amesbury, MA d. Aft 1762

08. William Straw b. 1660-Nottinghamshire, , England d. Abt 1712-Amesbury, , MA
      Married abt. 1691 to:
08. Margaret ? d. aft. 1712


RE. Clara & Fenton Straw:
1900 Census shows Clara living as a lodger with James and Rena Paschal Conn. She was 13 and attending school.

After Clara and Fenton married they lived in a little house between Stratford and Colebrook. Fenton put in hard wood floors in all the mill houses. He got a job in Franklin MA. Clara got a job as a matron at Dean's College in Franklin MA. Clara knitted all the time, summer and winter.

The Dexter children were separated at an early age when their mother died and their father remarried. Loren went away to work at a logging camp. There was a lot of bitterness on the part of Loren Dexter towards his father so he tended to shun his father and embrace his mother's heritage - Abenaki Indian. William and Clara were much younger and were sent to live with James Conn and his wife Irena Paschal Conn. James was the older brother of Bridget, Clara's mother.

Here's the BIG Mystery - Warren Straw
(Check below - the mystery is solved!)

I had been told that my great grandfather's name was Warren Straw who was married to Ortentia Bolton. After considerable research I finally found the Canadian Census shown below which only resulted in confusing the matter even more. Who was Lydia? And who were all those children?

Oh, well. As they say, "Genealogy is like hide and seek, they hide, I seek," - Carol J. Bryant - April 26, 2004

1881 Canadian Census
Hereford East, Compton, Quebec
Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Age Birth Place Occupation Religion
Warren Straw
Male English 25 Quebec Farmer E.Methodist
Lydia Straw
Female Scottish 37 Quebec   E.Methodist
Abertia Bolton(?)
Female Scottish 19 Quebec   E.Methodist
Perceval Straw
Male Scottish 15 Quebec Farm Laborer E.Methodist
Lizzie Straw
Female Scottish 14 Quebec In School E.Methodist
Lillie Straw
Female Scottish 11 Quebec In School E.Methodist
Courtland Straw
Male Scottish 18 Quebec In School E.Methodist
Willie Straw
Male Scottish 06 Quebec In School E.Methodist
Almie Straw
Male Scottish 5/12 Quebec   E.Methodist

The Mystery is Solved!

Thanks to Jane Foster my Warren Straw Mystery is finally solved, and I've learned a lot more about my ancestors. The great grandfather I always knew as Warren Straw is actually Oscar Warren William Straw. And the great grandmother that I knew as Ortentia is actually Lydia Ortentia Thomas Bolton Straw. The Children on the 1881 Canadian Census (with the exception of the last one) are Lydia's children from her Marriage to Jeremiah Bolton. The last child listed on the census is actually Queenie Alma Straw. My grandfather, Fenton Straw, wasn't born until 1886, so of course he isn't listed on the census.

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