Oscar Warren William Straw

b. abt 1855-Quebec Province; d. abt 1922, Hereford, Compton, Quebec, Canada

Married in abt 1885/86 to:

Lydia Ortentia Thomas Bolton

b. 15 Oct 1843 Compton, Quebec, Canada d. 21 Apr 1901 Landaff, Grafton, NH

Oscar Warren married Elsie May Howe Owen in 1903

Children of Oscar Warren and Lydia Ortentia Straw:

01. Queenie Alma STRAW (b. 4 Nov 1880-Hereford, Compton, Quebec, Canada; d. 20 Sep 1955)

02. Clarence Chase STRAW (b. 11 Jan 1882-Hereford, Compton, Quebec, Canada; d. 9 Jun 1964-, , NH)

03. Fenton Warren STRAW (b. 15 Feb 1886-Hereford, Compton, Quebec, Canada; d. Abt 1921)

Children of Lydia Ortentia in her first marriage to Jeremiah BOLTON:

01. Mary Alberta BOLTON (b. 1 Nov 1861-Compton, Quebec, Canada; d. 1921-North Woodstock,, NH)

02. Courtland BOLTON (b. 1863-, , Quebec, Canada)

03. Percival BOLTON (b. 8 Jun 1865-, , Quebec, Canada; d. 25 Oct 1948)

04. Lizzie BOLTON (b. 1867-, , Quebec, Canada)

05. Lillian BOLTON (b. 1870-, ,Quebec, Canada)

06. Willie BOLTON (b. 1875)

Children of Oscar Warren and Elsie May Howe Owen:

01. Merton Vaughn STRAW (b. 28 Jul 1904-Hereford, Compton, Quebec, Canada; d. 18 Mar 1989-Pittsburg, Coos, NH)

02. Irena STRAW

03. Carlene STRAW

Warren and Lydia resided in Hereford Quebec from 1880-1889 and Landaff,Grafton, NH 1889-1901
1900 Census - Series T623 - Roll 946 - Page 121 shows:
Straw, Oscar W. - 45 years old - Farmer
Straw, Lydia O. - 56 years old
Straw, Clarence - 18 years old
Straw, Fenton - 14 years old
and a boarder by the name of Russell T. Garde_____? - 75 year old widower
1881 Canadian Census
Hereford East, Compton, Quebec
Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Age Birth Place Occupation Religion
Warren Straw
Male English 25 Quebec Farmer E.Methodist
Lydia Straw
Female Scottish 37 Quebec   E.Methodist
Abertia Bolton(?)
Female Scottish 19 Quebec   E.Methodist
Perceval Straw
Male Scottish 15 Quebec Farm Laborer E.Methodist
Lizzie Straw
Female Scottish 14 Quebec In School E.Methodist
Lillie Straw
Female Scottish 11 Quebec In School E.Methodist
Courtland Straw
Male Scottish 18 Quebec In School E.Methodist
Willie Straw
Male Scottish 06 Quebec In School E.Methodist
Almie Straw
Male Scottish 5/12 Quebec   E.Methodist

Per Directory of Merchants - Dennison: Straw, Warren; Hall Stream; Range 1 lot 10; Hereford 1892; Eastern Townships

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