Jacob Straw

b. 21 May 1734-Salisbury, MA d. 5 Nov 1807-Hopkinton, NH

Married abt 1760 to:

Lydia Ordway

b. 4 Aug 1740-Rumford (Concord), NH d. 5 Nov 1815-Hopkinton, NH

Their Family:

01. STRAW, Samuel b. 4 Apr 1761-Hopkinton, NH d. Aug 1844-Hopkinton, NH

02. STRAW, Hannah b. 26 Sep 1762-Weare, NH d. 3 Dec 1821-Canaan, NH

03. STRAW, Lydia b. 19 Jun 1765-Weare, NH

04. STRAW, Jacob b. 20 Feb 1767-Weare, NH d. Morristown, VT

05. STRAW, Levi b. 12 Oct 1768-Weare, NH d. 14 Feb 1853

06. STRAW, Anna Nancy b. 11 Jun 1770-Weare, NH d. 23 Jun 1831-Canaan, NH

07. STRAW, Joseph b. 12 Feb 1772-Weare, NH d. 23 Oct 1842-Hopkinton, NH

08. STRAW, Rebecca b. Abt 1773-Hopkinton, NH d. 8 May 1809-Wentworth, NH

09. STRAW, Dorothy b. 5 Sep 1773-Hopkinton, NH

10. STRAW, Molly b. 2 Apr 1775-Hopkinton, NH

11. STRAW, Ezekiel b. 7 Nov 1777-Hopkinton, NH d. 25 Dec 1861-Garland, ME

12. STRAW, Betty b. 22 Apr 1779-Weare, NH d. 8 Aug 1856-Garland, ME

13. STRAW, William b. 15 May 1781-West Hopkinton, NH d. 12 Mar 1870-Hopkinton, NH


Jacob Straw:
(Per History of Hopkinton by C.C.Lord) Jacob was one of the Masonian grantees in 1750 owning one lot in the township. He was a carpenter and joiner.( Per Biographical Review) he came from Rowley MA c 1740-1750 and secured 50 acres of land upon which he errected some small buildings and then sold them to such advantage that he was able to purchase 200 acres on Sugar Hill. (Lord) states he sold and moved to Sugar Hill and purchased 200 acres where Seth Straw (his grandson ) now lives on the Weare side of the line between Weare and Hopkinton. (Lord) goes on to say he sold again and purchased 300 acres in Hopkinton now (1890) occupied by Horace Straw, Sullivan Flanders and others.

He had six sons and six daughters and died at the age of 78 of cancer. He is buried in West Cemetery in Hopkinton and his Revolutionary War Record may be found in the Archives in Boston.Aug 1777 he enrolled in Capt John Hale's Company, Col. Gerrish's Regt that was called out to reinforce General Gates.

Dec 15, 1788 was part of a committee of 12 men to consult and agree on a place for the Meeting House. On Dec 22 they voted not to move it..three days later the house was burned. On Dec 11 1794 it was "voted to consider Lt. Jacob Straw as innocent of burning the meeting house in February 1789 or accessory there to.."

(Per Little's History of Weare) Jacob Straw of Salisbury, MA went to Sugar Hill and built his house near the middle of the East side of Lot 93, range 7. In company with Wm Rowell he built a saw mill, 1768, on Cilley Brook that ran through his land. They had two ponds to get a supply of water. Abner Hoit/Holt of Hopkinton was the millwright and in 1774 bought the farmland. The mill ran until 1790 when it went down.

Jacob was said to have owned a clepsygra (water clock) and an excellent sundail. (In later years a sundial was unearthed from the soil on the farm along with a brass ink stand that belonged to Jacob.) Jacob also ran a potash works on Sugar Hill as early as 1774..(farmers who burned cord wood sold the ashes and traders took them in in exchange for goods) potash could be made into "salts" and pearlash which was shipped to Boston and sold for $100 - 200 per ton.

Jacob signed the ASSOCIATION TEST for Hopkinton. Names and dates of birth of his children per Ellen Straw Thompson genealogy of 1897. His death and burial info also per EST

Additional sources include DAR records and Biographical review Vol XXI (1897)
DAR records give his DOD as 1820

Lydia Ordway Straw:
Sources: sunione@juno.com
Lydia was the 6th of 10 children.
Alice Volkert claims she was born 9 June 1731 in Haverhill, MA

Samuel Straw:
Per Lord's History of Hopkinton Samuel Jr was married to Molly Flanders by Rev. Elijah Fletcher. Other sources include Gen of EST 1897; NHVR for Hopkinton, NH;Rev War Pension Files and DAR records. IGI files

DOB DOD headstone

Samuel, NH Line, soldier married Molly Flanders 12 Jan 1786, both where from Hopkinton. Soldier died 6 Aug 1844 at Hopkinton, aged 83, leaving no widow but children; Jacob, Samuel, Timothy, Sally Colley, Polly Silver, Nancy Felch, Lydia Jones. Jacob was the adm'r of the soldier's estate. 1852 Jacob was 57 and said all where living. Soldier's bothers, William and Levi made aff'dts in 1852, Levi was aged 83. One Judith Eaton aged 63, a resident of Hopkinton in 1853 stated that the Rev. War soldier, Samuel Straw's wife was Mary("Molly") Flanders

Hannah Straw:
Hannah was also married to Reuben Colby, son of John Colby and Elizabeth. Reuben Colby was born on 24 Jan 1774 in Sandown or Amesbury, MA.

Hannah married Reuben Colby, son of John Colby and Elizabeth, on 12 May 1795 in Sandown, NH. (Reuben Colby was born on 24 Jan 1774 in Sandown Or Amesbury, MA.)

Hannah next married Henry Springer, son of Joshua Springer and Living, on 12 Dec 1780 in Canaan, NH. (Henry Springer was born on 21 Jan 1759 in Haverhill, MA and died on 10 Feb 1833.)

Lydia Straw:
Hadley genealogy on Internet. She moved from Rowley , MA to Weare, NH about 1760 with her parents. The Straws then moved to Hopkinton, NH

Jacob Straw:
Jacob resided Canaan per census 1810
HH as follows:
1 male 26-44 = Jacob
1 male 10-16 = ? son Jacob
1 female 0-10 could be Relief or Betsey
2 females 10-16 could be Relief or Betsey or unknown daughter
1 female 26-44 = Abigail
and was on Canaan list of voters for 1825. He and Abigail along with his sister Lydia and husband Stephen Gile moved to Morristown, VT in 1826.

Per EST in her gen of the Straw family " a daughter Angilina of Jacob and Abigail m. a Mr Dennis Guild and resides at Morristown, VT. research shows a Relief Straw born c 1799 and died 25 June 1869 in VT who married a Richard Gile who was brother to Stephen Gile who married Lydia Ordway Straw

DOM and POM per Alice Volkert

Per his birth certificate he is his parents 4th child

Research of Ronald Colby: Jacob STRAW was born on 20 FEB 1767 in Weare, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. He died in Morristown, Lamoille County, Vermont. Parents: Jacob STRAW and Lydia ORDWAY .

Jacob married Abigail Young, daughter of David Young and Sally Eastman, in 1800 in NH. (Abigail Young was born on 24 Dec 1776 in NH and died on 4 Feb 1834.)

Levi Straw:
IGI files
Levi lived in Canaan, NH 1792-1796 (per History of Canaan pp144-174). He was still living in 1852 at 83 yrs when his brother Samuel died. POB per Alice Volkert DOD per headstone age 84

Levi married Miriam Jones about 1794. (Miriam Jones was born in 1770 in NH and died on 14 Mar 1848.)

Anna Nancy Straw:
Also known as Anna Straw and probably married Levi Bailey.. research of Bill Prokasy on Worldconnect Project; also research of June Ferguson

Anna married Levi Bailey, son of Amos Bailey and Sarah Cottle, in 1787 in Hopkinton Twp, Merrimack Co, New Hampshire. (Levi Bailey was born on 1 Jun 1767 in Haverhill, MA and died on 22 Apr 1845 in Caanan, NH.)

Joseph Straw:
In her genealogy Ellen Straw Thompson indicates that the children of Joseph all died young but I have found evidence that Phoebe lived to adulthood and married and had a son. Also their birth order is unknown to me but EST in her genealogy has assigned numbers to them which may be their birth order?? Phoebe, Lydia, Sabrina, Lewis, Joseph, Samuel and Hiram. Sources include History of Hopkinton (Lord); IGI research of Smooers. DOD, POD per Sue Reynolds e-mail Jan 2000

Per research of Sally Divers who states her mother has a copy of his birth certificate and it states he is the 7th child

Joseph married Elizabeth (Betsey) Gardner on 3 Jan 1806. (Elizabeth (Betsey) Gardner was born in 1775 in Hillsboro, Hillsborough County, NH and died on 6 Dec 1845 in Prob Hopkinton, NH; Bur Hopkinton Cemetery.)

Rebecca Straw:
From the "Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire, Vol 1-4, published by Lewis Publishing Co 1908. Rebecca Straw daughter of Jacob Straw of Hopkinton, NH. She died 8 May1809 in Wentworth, NH. She was the first wife of Bradbury Gill. Rebecca married Bradbury Gill, son of William Gill and Unknown, in 1796 in Hopkinton Twp, Merrimack Co, New Hampshire. (Bradbury Gill was born on 7 Apr 1768 in Hopkinton Twp, Merrimack Co, New Hampshire and died in Mar 1812.)

Dorothy Straw:
Dorothy married Samuel Blaisdell. (Samuel Blaisdell was born c1765 in NH.)

Eekiel Straw:
POB per Alice Volkert; DOD POD per cemetery records

Per EST Ezekiel and Abigail lived in CT and died in Garland, ME.

Sources include gen of EST 1897; census records; History of Garland, ME (OAK); Came Cem records; IGI files.

The Township in 1810; Lyndon Oak, The History of Garland, Maine, Dover, Maine: Observer Publishing Co., 1912. Ezekiel Straw emigrated to the township from New Hampshire in 1810, and purchased lot seven, range seven. Two years later, having made a clearing and built a house, he married (Abigail Kirkpatrick) and commenced housekeeping. Mr. Straw’s old homestead is now owned and occupied by Lionel Lincoln.

Ezekiel was a Universalist by religion. He was on the voting list of 1812 for Garland, ME and signed a petition fpr Incorp of town of Garland, ME (Mar 1810). per reseach of Don Higins he purchased land in Garland on July 13 1814 and again in 1838

Census 1820 (Garland, ME) Penobscot county
1 male below 10 (could be Giles b. c 1814)
1 male 16-18 (Jessie)
1 male 26-44(Ezekiel)
2 f below 10(Eliza, Abigail)
1 female 26-44 (Abigail)

census 1830
1 male below 5 = Thomas?
1 male 15 - 16 = Giles?
1 male 20 - 29 = Jesse
1 male 50 - 59 + Ezekiel
1 female 10 - 14 = Eliza
1 female 15 - 19 =Abigail
1 female 40- 49 = Abigail

census 1840
1 male 10 - 14 = Thomas?
1 male 30-39 = Jessie (Giles m. 1840)
1 male 60-69 + Ezekiel
1 females 20-29 = Eliza and Abigail
1 female 50-59 = Abigail

census 1850
Ezekiel ae 72
Abigail ae 64
Eliza Straw Hartford ae
James Hartford ae (son in law)
Richard Ray Hartford ae 4y (grandson)
It appears that Elisa married James Hartford and they with their 4 yr old son were living with Ezekiel and Abigail in 1850.

census 1860 Garland, Penobscot, ME
Ezekiel Straw born c1778
Abaqail c1787

Other researchers give Theressa and Elvira as possible daughters but there is no indication in any of the census listings unless they were born and died between the taking of one of the census.

Ezekiel married Abigail Gilpatrick in 1800 in NH. (Abigail Gilpatrick was born in 1783 in NH and died on 8 Sep 1871 in Bur Came Cem; Garland, ME.)

Betty Straw:
Betty married Jeremiah Flanders, son of Jeremiah Flanders and Miriam George, on 14 Mar 1809 in Weare, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. (Jeremiah Flanders was born on 18 Aug 1783 in Weare, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire and died on 26 Mar 1848 in Garland, ME.)

Genealogy of Ellen Straw Thompson 1897: Jeremiah Flanders, from, Hopkinton, N. H., having purchased lot eleven, range six, in 1807, and having subsequently cleared the land and built a house upon it. married a wife (Betsy Straw, Hopkinton, N. H. ) March 14, 1809 and commenced housekeeping. He occupied this house until about the year 1822, when he built a two story house which was among the first two story buildings in the town. Mrs. Flanders was accustomed to repair to a log camp, which her husband had built two years earlier, to do her weekly washing. The camp occupied a site at the foot of the slope close by the brook east of the house where Edwin Preble now lives. On one occasion a downpour of rain through the capacious chimney of sticks and mortar put out the fire. A neighbor's boy, who was making a friendly call, was sent a half mile to get fire to rekindle with. That was before the invention of friction matches. It was no uncommon thing to send to a neighbor's house for coals of fire to kindle anew. William Straw:
(Per Biographical Review) William learned the sadler's trade as a young man and he subsequently worked it (in Hopkinton) Then he went to Warner and and from there to Caanan where his father had given him a farm of 120 acres. After clearing a part of the farm he sold it and returned to Hopkinton to buy a part of the old farm. Soon after he married Hannah Huse, d/o Thomas Huse who owned an adjoining farm.( Mr Huse died some time after.) William and his wife moved into the new house which was but just completed and by buying out the other heirs Mr. Straw became the posessor of one hundred and fifty acres of the original Huse farm, probably about the year 1812.His wife Hannah died a young woman leaving her husband with four children, all who lived to be over sixty-five years of age. Their names were Sarah who m. Leonard Felch of Weare; Anne who m. Wm Chandler of Henniker ( a blacksmith); Harriet who m. Otis Lewis of Lynn, MA and William S. who m. Mary Ann Flanders. After the death of his first wife, William remarried to Lucretia Page or Betsey Paige and they had two children, Jesse and Page.William then married for a third time to Joannah Goodhue who survived him four years. They had one daughter Lucretia.

DOD per Kelly Stettner via e-mail Dec 2000. She has research of her grandmother written down. k_stettner@hotmail.com

census 1860 Merrimack county NH
William Straw c1781
Joana c1793

William married Hannah Huse, daughter of Thomas Rice Bartlett Huse and Sarah Story, about 1810 in Hopkinton Twp, Merrimack Co, New Hampshire. (Hannah Huse was born about 1790 in Henniker, Merrimack, NH and died in Sep 1818 in Hopkinton Twp, Merrimack Co, New Hampshire.)

William next married Lucretia Paige, daughter of Samuel Paige Jr and Mary Osgood, about 1818. (Lucretia Paige was born on 21 Jun 1784 and died in 16 Jun.)

William next married Joanna Goodhue, daughter of Nathaniel Goodhue Sr and Catrherine Choate, after 1822. (Joanna Goodhue was born on 10 Jul 1793 in Bow, NH and died in 1893 in Warner, NH.)

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