Revolutionary War Soldier Ancestors of the Limbacher Clan

Japheth Washburn

Japheth Washburn (1746-1828)served as private under Captains Cottle, Doty and Washburn, Colonels Sproutand White,Massachusetts Line.

Japheth Washburn in 1775, was a private in Capt. Edward Hammond's company of minute men, MassachusettsLine.

Isaac Dexter - Deserter

Isaac Dexter, Serg. Capt. Ward Swift's (2nd Sandwich Co.), "which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service three days." (Massachusetts soldiers and sailors in the Revolution, vol. 4, p. 721.)

ISAAC DEXTER, b. 13 June 1744, Rochester, Ma. (VR), d. 5 Dec 1804, Wayne, Me.; son of Constant Dexter and Meribah Dillenoy. Went to New Sandwich (now Wayne, Me.) ca 1780. (ref: Genealogy of the Dexter Family in America, Descendants of Thomas Dexter - Warden, Dexter, 1905, pg 47; Owl, Vol 18, #4, Sept 1917, pg 1686).

ISAAC DEXTER: Hist. of Winthrop by Stackpole, 1929, Pg 348:
Isaac Dexter, born in Sandwich, Mass., 13 Jan. 1746, settled in New Sandwich (now Wayne) in 1779. His wife, Keziah (Wing) b. 31 Dec 1746, and five children came with him. He lived on lot No. 148 [see Winthrop Map in front of Book]. The pond which bears his name extends completely across the lot, nearly one half being in Winthrop, and the remainder a large part is water. The land on the west side is best adapted for tillage and here, in what is now Wayne, he set up his domicile. He was a Baptist and the early religious meetings were held in his barn. The Baptist church of Wayne was organized in his house, 9 Jan, 1794, and he was chosen one of its deacons.

History Of Wayne, Maine, 1898, pg 15: Isaac Dextor, born in Sandwich Mass., Jan 13, 1746, came to the plantation called New Sandwich, now Wayne in 1780, with his sons, Stephen, Nathaniel, Freeman and Constant. His other sons, Gideon, Isaac Jr., and Amasa, were born in New Sandwich. Isaac settled on the west side of the pond that bears his name on the road to North Monmouth. It is claimed that he built the first framed house in the town. In this house the Baptist Church of Wayne was organized, and Isaac Dexter was chosen its first deacon. In 1801 he was chairman of the board of selectmen; in 1802 he was collector of taxes. He died in 1804.

Military record from the records of cousin Dick Bucknum:
Dexter, Isaac, Sandwich. Sargent, Capt. Ward Swift's (2nd Sandwich) co., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 3 days. Dexter, Isaac, Sandwich. Capt. Barachiah Bassett's co.; pay abstract for travel allowance to and from camp at Cambridge dated Jan 13, 1770. Dexter, Isaac, Sandwich (also given Rochester). List of men raised for Continental service [year not given]; residence, Sandwich; engages for town of Dartmouth; also, Private, 8th co., Col. John Bailey's regt.: Continental Army pay accounts for service May 18, 1777, to Oct 18, 1777; credited to town of Dartmouth; reported deserted; also, Capt. George dunham's co., Col. Bailey's regt.; company return [year not given]; residence, Rochester; also, Col. Bailey's (2d) regt.; list of deserters subsequent to Jan 1, 1777, as returned by Ezra Badlam, Lieut. Col. Commandant of said regt.; age, 30 yrs.; stature, 5 ft. 8 in.; complexion, light, hair, light; residence, Rochester; term, 3 years; deserted Oct. 28, 1777

Issue: 9 children
Military service: Revolutionary War, deserter
Misc: 1801, selectman
Residence: 1779, New Sandwich (now Wayne), Maine
Source 1: Dexter Fam, 1905 pg 31, 47
Source 2: Winthrop by Stackpole, pg 348
Source 3: Wayne, Maine-1898, pg 15, 292 More About ISAAC DEXTER and KEZIAH WING: Marriage: ca. 1767, Prob Sandwich, Massachusetts

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