A Tribute to Janette Elizabeth KINDRED Smalley

b. 16 July 1908 - Cathlamet, WA         d. 7 March 1990 - San Antonio, TX

Image of Janette Kindred through the ages

Janette through the years

Grandmother to Carol Bryant's children - Michael Smalley, Mikki Smalley, and Gail Smalley

Image of Michael,Mikki,Gail

Happy 80th Grandma Jelly!

(An Expression of Love and Devotion to Janette Elizabeth Kindred Smalley by Glenn & Nita Smalley, July 16, 1988)

This is meant to be only a brief sketch of the life of the most loved and loving person we’re ever to know.

Janette Elizabeth Kindred is born July 16, 1908 in Cathlamet, Washington. She spends her growing-up years in Warrenton, Oregon. Is an excellent student, loving child. She has loads of fun doing ‘kid’ type, mischievous things, like putting a cow in the church. She works hard helping her parents eke out an existence under near poverty conditions.

Janette has so much compassion for other people that a Warrenton doctor has asked her to become a nurse. She finds a job at the local grocery store the summer after high school to earn money for her nursing degree. While working there she meets Mr. Arthur Denemark Smalley, a sailor in the U.S. Navy, who visits the grocery to procure supplies.

Janette and Arthur are married May 23, 1928. Arthur is in the Service until 1942. The fourteen years of service takes them to San Diego, San Pedro, Mountain View, Vallejo, the Philippines, China, back to San Diego. They see places, do things most of us only dream about or experience through television stories and travel logs.

During those years the Good Lord brings Janette and Arthur three children; Shirley, Leota, and Glenn. Each of those children marry and bring eight grandchildren. The grandchildren bring fifteen (to date) great-grandchildren. There are a total of twenty six people in direct line from Janette and Arthur Smalley.

In 1943, Janette and Arthur move to Rialto, California. Arthur, retired from the navy, pursues various occupations; photography and welding among them.
Janette, in 1944, goes to work for the Rialto School System at the then Rialto Elementary School, as a cafeteria worker for 51 cents per hour. Later, in about 1951, the Rialto School System goes on double sessions. Janette becomes the first lady bus driver in the school system! She works one-half of her days as the bus driver and the balance in the cafeteria. Her wages increase to $1.02 per hour with this added bus driving duty. Janette retires from the school system in 1956 to spend more time with Arthur. They travel, seeing much of the United States during those years from 1956 to 1982 when Arthur passes on. These twenty five years are good years for the most part. Arthur is quite ill during the last few years but they are still able to do some things together and enjoy life most of the time.

The years since 1932, and Arthur’s passing are filled with travel, family, friends, church camp and family reunions in Warrenton, Oregon. Janette is very active, spending about half of her time in San Antonio, Texas with Bob and Shirley Price and the rest here at home in Rialto.

Janette is 5’ 11” tall, blue-eyed blond of basically Norwegian background. No matter what life brings, she faces it with a smile, never complaining even when her arthritis kicks up.

All the great grandchildren call Janette, Grandma Jelly because she makes jelly using the beautiful fruit grown on her Rialto property or collected during trips to Oregon. This jelly is given to all of us for bread-and-butter gifts or Christmas. It is absolutely delicious! It is always greatly appreciated, for at times, thanks to arthritis, it is difficult to make.

Janette is good company, such a pleasant person that it’s a joy to have her accompany any of us anytime, anywhere. That’s a lesson each of us can learn to make our own lives full, active, and loving.

Ma, Ma Ma, Mother, Grandma, Grandma Jelly, Janette. No matter what we call you, WE LOVE YOU!

The Kindred Line:

01. Kindred, Janette Elizabeth b. 16 Jul 1908-Cathlamet, WA d. 7 Mar 1990-San antonio, TX

02. Kindred, Charles May b. 16 apr 1879-Warrenton, OR d. 7 Feb 1940-Warrenton, OR

03. Kindred, James Franklin b. 24 Dec 1844-Oregon City, OR d. Warrenton, OR

04. Kindred, Captain Bartholomew Carek b. 20 Apr 1818-, Jackson, IN d. 13 Mar 1904-Warrenton, OR

05. Kindred, David b. 1788-Boonesboro, KY d. 8 Nov 1873-Bush Prairie, WA

06. Kindred, William b. Abt 1744-Nether Denton, England d. 1833-Madison, KY

07. Kindred, Bartholomew b. 30 Jul 1727-Haltwhistle, England, d. 2 Jun 1804-Albermarle, VA

08. Kindred, William Edwards b. Bef 1690-Haltwhistle, England, d. Aft 1728

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