William Dexter

b. 1628 d. 1694-Rochester, Plymouth, MA

Sarah Vincent

b. 1634-Barnstable, Barnstable, MA d. 1694-Barnstable, Barnstable, MA

Their Family:

01. Mary DEXTER (b. Jan 1654-Barnstable, Barnstable, MA; d. 1729-Barnstable, Barnstable, MA)
      Married in 1684 to:
01. Moses BARLOW

02. Stephen DEXTER (b. 1657; d. 1729)

03. Philip DEXTER (b. 1659; d. 1741)

04. James Dexter (May 1662-Barnstable, Barnstabel, MA; d. 15 Jul 1694-Barnstable, Barnstable, MA)
      Married abt. 1694 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA to:
04. Elizabeth TOBEY

05. Thomas DEXTER (b. 1665 d. 1744)

06. John DEXTER (b. Aug 1668-Barnstable, Barnstable, MA; d. 31 Jul 1744-Rochester, Plymouth, MA)
      Married 2 Mar 1702 to:
06. Sarah CLARK

07. Benjamin DEXTER (16 Feb 1670-Barnstable, Barnstable, MA; d. 1732-Rochester, Plymouth, MA)
      Married to:
07. Sarah ARNOLD (b. 1676; d. 1784)


Letter from Clarice Griggs, 7 May 1969, filed in ELISHA DEXTER SR. file, gives data on the "Line of Wm son of Thomas of Lynn seems to have gone to Hardwick and Rochester and then into VT. " Her pg 9, 10, 11. Also PAUL F. DEXTER, 791 Cascade Drive, Sunnyvale, Ca 94087. (408) 738-2732 - He is descendant of William, son of Thomas of Lynn, and has written a book about his people. He is an engineer by profession, and a "history buff." William Dexter was one of the original proprietors at Mattapoisett. William Dexter was one of a group of sixteen who drew home-lots at Mattapoisett on July 22, 1679, when that area was set aside for settlement. Mattapoisett, Sippican, Agawam and Acushena were areas whose names were derived from Indian villages and which were eventually incorporated as the town of Rochester on June 4, 1686. Three of the original proprietors, Moses Barlow, Samuel Hammond and William Dexter, settled on their lands at an early date. DEATH:DATE AND PLACE from Amos Otis Papers, from Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families, Revised by D.F. Swift, Vol 1, F.B &F.P. Gross, Publishers and Printers, Barnstabel, Mass 1888. p 315-326. The book was found in the Donald G. Trayser Memorial Museum, Barnstable, Mass., quoted in Paul Dexter research (DEX001) pg 22 from The Genealogy of the Dexter Family in America, by Warden and Dexter, quoted by Paul Dexter pg 23 "William married Sarah Vincent, July, 1653, and they had seven children, all born in Barnstable:" Will of William Dexter MD 23:64-65 contains the following regarding the settlement and inventory of Wm. Dexter's estate. WILLIAM DEXTER'S ESTATE On 9 May, 1694, "Stephen Dexter phillip Dexter James Dexter Thomas Dexter John Dexter Benjamin Dexter and moses Barlow" mutually agreed "to abide contented & satisfied with ye settlement and disposition of ye Estate of our Honnored Father William Dexter Lately deceased, in maner and forme following which is according to what he declared to be his mind and will not long before his Death: first that all ye one whole Share of Land which belonged to our sd Father att Rochester shall be Equally devided between ye said James Thomas and John Dexter .... And as for ye housing and Lands both upland and marsh Lying in Barnstable .... it shall be devided between ye sd Stephen phillip and Benjamin Dexter that is to say Stephen shall have ye one halfe of all that peice or percel of upland Lying below and on ye North Side of ye high way or Country Road taking of his half on the west Sid of sd peice of upland and ye one half of yt Six acre Lott of marsh adjoyning to sd upland and halfe a four acre Lott of marsh Lying at Scotton .... and phillip Dexter Shall have ye other halfe of ye Sd peice or percel of upland Lying be Low ye Said highway and ye other half of ye Sd Six acres of marsh there unto adjoyning and also ye other half ye Sd four acres of marsh Lying at Scotton: And Benjamin Dexter Shall have .... all ye Housing and ye Remainder of ye afore sd Lands both upland and marsh in Said Barnestable not perticulerly mentioned and above disposed after his honnored mothers Decease or ye Sd Remaining Land both upland and marsh shall all of it be and hence fourth Continue Benjamin Dexters provided he give Sufficient Security for ye maintainance of his sd mother during ye terme of her natural Life or Security to her Satisfaction for her Comfortable maintinance as also Liberty to use and Improve ye now dwelling house which was her husbands, during her Life .... and moses Barlow above Said and our Sister mary his wife Shall have for their portion .... all ye Bedding and houshold Stuff .... after our sd mother decease .... and further ye Sd Benjamin Dexter Shall have a pair of Loomes and all manner of husbandry Tooles of what Sort So Ever which belonged to our sd Father: And Lastly our .... mother Shall have all ye Stock of Cattel horse kind and Sheep which belonged to our sd honnored Father .... which Shee Excepts for her Dower." Signed by Stephen Dexter, Philip Dexter James Dexter, Thomas Dexter, John Dexter, Benjamin Dexter Moses Barlow and Sarah Dexter. Witnesses: Joseph Lothrop and John Otis. "An Invintory of ye goods .... as also of ye Lands of William Dexter Lately deceased" was taken 8 May, 1694, by John Howland and John Otis. "all ye Housing and Land both upland and marsh In Barnestable" was valued at 160; "one whole Share of Land at Sepecan" 60. Sarah Dexter, relict of deceased, made oath to the inventory, 9 May, 1694. On 9 May, 1694, "Stephen Dexter Son of william Dexter late of Barnestable deceased Intestate" was appointed administrator.

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