Nathaniel Dexter

b. 24 May 1771

Chloe Washburn

b. 1777-Wayne,,Maine

Their Family:

01. Keziah Dexter b. 1 May 1799-China,,Maine d. 3 Feb 1886-Toulon,,IL
       Married to:
01. Stephen Young

02. Lotan Dexter b. 30 Jan 1801-,,Maine
       Married in 1824 to:
02. Ruby FISH

03. Japheth Dexter b. 10 Jan 1802-China, ME d. 28 Aug 1883-Orono, ME
       Married abt 1826 to:
03. Eliza Spencer b. 30 Jan 1803 d. 20 Dec 1861

04. Nathaniel Dexter
       Married 21 Mar 1826 to:
04. Hannah H. Rowe
b. 1802-,,Maine

05. Diana H. Dexter b. 28 Jul 1806-Fairfax,,ME d. abt 1859-Fairfax,,IA
       Married on 21 Mar 1826 to:
05. James Rowe d. 14 Nov 1827-Dover,,ME

06. Chloe Washborn Dexter b. 9 May 1808-,,ME d. 21 NOV 1872-Toulon,,IL
       Married on 9 Mar 1826 to:
06. Oren Maxfield b. 1 Jan 1804-Durham,,NH d. 21 Nov 1888

07. Priscilla Dexter b. 1809
       Married to:
07. Charles Wilder

08. Mercy Dexter
       Married to:
08. Spencer


Nathaniel Dexter was of the line Isaac5, Constant4, Benjamin3, William2, Thomas1, of Lynn, Massachusetts (Genealogy of Dexter Family in America by Warden and Dexter, p. 5-9, 11-12, 19-22, 31, 47). Nathaniel wife, Chloe Washburn, was the daughter of Japeth and Priscilla (Coombs) Washburn of the line Ephraim4, Joseph3, John2, John1 of Plymouth, Massachusetts. She was also a descendant of Francis Cook, James Chilton and Mary (Chilton) Winslow, passengers on the MAYFLOWER in 1620 (Ebenezer Washburn, His Ancestors and Descendants by George T. Washburn, p. 51, 53-55, 105-06).

Volume 98 The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume98 Miss Elizabeth Wright. DAR ID Number: 97344 Born in Fairmont [Fillmore Co], Nebr. Descendant of Willaim McCrillis, and of Japheth Washburn, asfollows: 1. Thomas Maxfield Wright (b. 1856) m. 1885 Lida Putt (b. 1859).2. Thomas Jefferson Wright (1825-88) m. 1st 1853 Susan Demerit Maxfield(1828-56). 3. Oren Maxfield (1804-88) m. 1826 Chloe Washburn Dexter (1808-72).4. Eliphet Maxfield (1772-1840) m. 1792 Jane McCrillis (1774-1859); NathanielDexter(b. 1771) m. 1798 Chloe Washburn (b. 1777). 5. Japheth Washburnm. 1768 Priscilla COOMBS (1745-1830); William McCrillis m. 1773Lydia Morrell.William McCrillis (1750-75) served in Stark's regiment atthe battle of BunkerHill, where he was mortally wounded. He was born inNew Hampshire. Also No.56208. Japheth Washburn (1756-1828), in 1775, wasa private in Capt. EdwardHammond's company of minute men, MassachusettsLine. He was born in Carver,Mass.; died in China, Me. Also No. 90350.

Stephen & Keziah adopted Frank Young

The 1860 Census shows Nathaniel as a 55-year-old farmer, married to Hannah, with a value of 500 in real estate and 250 in personal property. He's shown as being born in Maine, and they have two children showing on the census, Joseph age 17 and "Kezie" age 14. It also shows a farm laborer by the name of George W. Jackson living in the houselhold.

CHLOE WASHBURN DEXTER married Oren Maxfield at Albion, Maine, on 9 March 1826 (VR Me). Ebenezer Shaw, J. P., officiated at the wedding of the two residents of China, Maine. A daughter of Nathaniel and Chloe (Washburn) Dexter, Chloe was born in Maine on 9 May 1808 (NMGR 7:66).

Chloe Washburn Dexter who was born in Maine, 9 May 1808, and died at Toulon, Illinois, .21 November 1872. She was a daughter of. Nathaniel and. Chloe (Washburn) Dexter (The Owl, vol. 27, no. 4, p. 2563-64, pub.; by the Wing Family of America, Inc.).

Mercy Dexter moved to Iowa

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