William Sharp

b. 1782-PA    

Elinor Mayfield

b. Abt 1785-Marysville, Marshall, KS    

Their Family:

(01) SHARP, Male     b. 1804    
(02) SHARP, Mary Ann     b. 1 Dec 1805-KY    d. 22 Dec 1871-Effingham Co., IL
(03) SHARP, John M.     b. Abt 1807-Lewis Co., TN    d. Mar Co., TN.
(04) SHARP, Catherine     b. Abt 1810-Maury Co., TN    d. 1877-Lewis Co., TN
(05) SHARP, Elizabeth    b. 6 Feb 1811-Maury Co., TN     d. 21 Jul 1860-Marysville, Marshall, KS
(06) SHARP,Sophia    b. 19 Nov 1813-Maury Co., TN     d. 21 Jan 1911-Ivanpah, Greenwood, KN
(07) SHARP, William Anderson     b. J1814    
(08) SHARP, Perry     b. Abt 1815    
(09) SHARP, Female     b. Abt 1816    
(10) SHARP, George Milton     b. 11 Mar 1819-TN     d. 19 Apr 1875-Effingham Co., IL
(11) SHARP, Harriet     b. Abt 1826-TN
(12) SHARP, Rebecca     b. Abt 1826-TN
(11) SHARP, Martha     b. Abt 1828-TN


Maury County became Lewis County

Sophia Sharp: Sophia celebrated her 100th birthday and when she died was over 100. She could have been born earlier than 1813.

William Anderson Sharp was called William Sharp.

Perry Sharp: Perry was probably dead by 1850-for certain by 1871, leaving one daughter Martha Sharp who was living in the household of Edward and Tabitha Sharp in 1850. She later moved to Effingham Co., IL where she married and died. Don't think she had any children.

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