William Anderson Sharp

b. 1814    

Agnes Hensley

b. 1816   

Their Family:

(01) SHARP, Martin     b. 1834-TN    
(02) SHARP, John Gardner     b. 24 Mar 1836-Newburg, Lewis Co., TN    d. 31 Oct 1919-Cow Creek, Erath, TX
(03) SHARP, Frances Caroline     b. Jan 1839-Lewis Co., TN   d. Mar 1909-Lewis Co., TN.
(04) SHARP,Harriet A.     b. 15 Jan 1840-Lewis Co., TN    d. 13 Feb 1903-Lingleville, Erath Co., TX
(05) SHARP, Enoch Oliver    b. 12 Dec 1841-Lewis Co., TN     d. 6 Dec 1927-Erath Co., TX
(06) SHARP,Thomas M.    b. 2 Jan 1844-TN     d. 7 Apr 1924-Johnson Co., TX
(07) SHARP, Elizabeth E.     b. Jun 1845-TN    
(08) SHARP, Nancy A.     b. Abt 1852    
(09) SHARP, Ardamishie Hennrietta     b. 8 Aug 1856     d. 11 Feb 1932-Dublin, TX
(10) SHARP, Dorcas Marcella     b. 1857-TN    


William Anderson Sharp:
William Sharp was called Anderson Sharp

John Gardner Sharp: Left Tennessee in 1882, went to Dallas Co., TX in the area of Cedar Hill and met up with a half brother Crat Sharp who worked in a wagon yard. They came by box car, a mixed train of passengers and freight. In 1890 they moved to Cow Creek, Erath Co., TX - Listed in 1870 Newburg, Lewis, Tennessee Census as 34-year-old farmer.

Enoch Oliver Sharp: In Civil War: Company: H, Unit: 41 Tennessee Infantry, Rank Induction:Private, Rank Discharge: Private, Allegiance: Confederate - possible that both he and his wife drew a TX Confederate Pension.

Thomas M. Sharp: Was in Civil War - possible that both he and his wife drew confederate pension.

Ardamishie Henrietta Sharp: Went by the name of Henry Was known for making the best teacakes.

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