Eleazer L. Sharp

b. 11 May 1866-Newburg, TN     d.21 Dec 1951-El Cajon, San Diego, CA

Anna (Annie) Ross Carrell

b. 10 Sep 1871-AK     d. 14 Feb 1932

Image of Eleazer with great granddaughter Bevie

Eleazer Sharp with great granddaughter Bevie - 1943

Their Family:

(1) SHARP, Lela    b. 5 May 1892-Erath, TX     d. 28 Mar 1919-Holtville, Imperial, CA
(2) SHARP, Leota    b. 14 Jan 1894-Lingleville, Erath, TX     d. Jul 1987-Salem, Marion, OR
(3) SHARP, Lillie Bell    b. 8 Nov 1895-Lingleville, Erath, TX     d. 13 Apr 1981-El Centro, Imperial, CA
(4) SHARP, Lula Fay    b. 2 Feb 1897-Lingleville, Erath, TX     d. El Cajon, San Diego, CA
(5) SHARP, Geneva     b. 24 Sep 1898-Highland, Erath, TX     d. 14 Feb 1955-Upland, San Bernardino, CA
(6) SHARP, David Earl     b. 4 Aug 1900-Lingleville, Erath, TX     d. 20 Oct 1983-Holtville, Imperial CA
(7) SHARP, Wanda Carrell     b. 31 Oct 1910-Dallas, TX     d. 21 Aug 1990-Fairfield, CA
(8) SHARP, Leldon Dee     b. 5 Sep 1912-Fisher, TX     d. Dec 1991-Fairfield, CA


Anna Ross Carrell:
Born in Arkansas in the back of a wagon train on the way to TX

Lela Sharp: Lela died after childbirth. The baby died one week before Lela and they were buried together.

Wanda Carrell Sharp: Funeral at Bryan-Braker Funeral Home August 24, 1990 - 7:30 p.m. - officiating Pastor Larry Velardo of the Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship, Suisun Valley

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